About Us

We are a Specialist Counselling and Support Organisation based in Belfast and London.

We are dedicated in offering emotional and therapeutic support to those from the Trans* and Gender Variant communities. We also provide the training and awareness rising around these issues.

We also understand that within the area of Gender identity, more often than not, this will not be the only factor that can cause you pain and confusion.

We also work in other areas which can be a result of Gender Confusion / Dysphoria:






•Family / Relationship Difficulties


•Low self-esteem / Low self-worth

•Panic Attacks

•Suicidal Ideation / Self Harm


All Gender Essence Counsellors are professional full members with BACP and CCC. We work in accordance with the CCC Code of Conduct and the BACP Code of Ethics at all times.

We will keep you posted on the latest events, reports and articles, through our Facebook page

All respectful people are welcome to join; there is no "identity judging" here. Everyone has a right to define themselves as they see fit; no one person is more valid in their identity than another.