We are qualified by theory and practice in a number of Counselling styles and take an holistic approach to therapy which includes the Person Centred, Cognitive behavioural, Existential and Psychodynamic models.


All Gender Essence Counsellors have completed:

•Advanced Diploma in Counselling

•Training in Trans* & Non Binary Awareness

We have also completed extensive training on Gender Identity, along with various other Trans* awareness training courses.

In addition, all Counsellors have a very extensive and ongoing range of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses.

All Counsellors receive clinical supervision for every 10 hours client practice undertaken.

An initial assessment will be carried out with all new clients, to ensure you are placed with the most suitable counsellor and service to best suit your individual needs. You are making no commitment by having an initial meeting.


We have a variety of appointments available.

After self-exploration and for those who choose the path of transition, if required we can provide letters of support to Doctors / Clinicians.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange your initial session.

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